Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Graduate Students

The following is a variety of information useful to graduate students at Cameron University.

  • Undergraduate courses will be paid at a different rate than graduate level courses. Nine hours of graduate level courses in a 16 week term is full-time. Four semester hours of graduate level credit is full-time in an eight week term. Three hours of graduate level with 4 consecutively meeting weekend dates (with no breaks between weekend meeting dates) is full-time. **If you do not take the 4 week courses consecutively, depending on the semester and dates involved, you will probably not receive break pay. Contact the CU-VA to check on your rate of pursuit for VA pay purposes if you are unsure of your status.

  • Graduate students must provide the CU-VA with a copy of your approved formal plan of study.

  • Graduate Assistantship does not count towards full-time status for VA purposes.

  • Mixtures of courses with different lengths requires special attention and advisement.

  • VA will pay to pick up Licensed Practical Counselor requirements. This is a change from past policy. VA does pay for any courses that are required to complete your Master's degree.

For additional information about our graduate programs, please visit their web site at: