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I, F, and U Grades & Mitigating Circumstances

  • If you make a grade of "I" in a class, you will have one year to complete the course before the VA will request mitigating circumstances. If the mitigating circumstances are not approved, you will be charged an overpayment. The CU-VA office is required to report "I" grades.

  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to notify the CU-VA when the course grade is changed from an "I" grade to a letter grade. The CU-VA office will notify the  VA Regional Office.

  • Students receiving a grade of "F" and "U" will be charged with an overpayment if the student received that grade as a result of non-attendance. Students do have the opportunity to provide mitigating circumstances to the VA for their non-attendance. The CU-VA is required to report non-attendance.

  • Mitigating circumstances can be provided on VA Form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim Form, or the student can send a letter explaining your mitigating circumstances directly to the VA Regional Office. If you use personal correspondence, then be sure to include your full name (printed), Social Security Number, VA File Number, the Date, a Daytime telephone Number with the area code, and your signature. If you have any supporting evidence, please include a copy with your letter. ( ALWAYS KEEP A COPY OF WHAT YOU SUBMIT! )

    To obtain VA Form 21-4138 see: