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micro-credential at cu?

What is a Micro-credential?

A micro-credential is a short-term, post-secondary credential that equips learners with specific career critical knowledge, skills and abilities that can be readily transferred to the workplace.

Current micro-credentials offered by Cameron University:


Associated Course

Agribusiness Sales Training

AGRC 3001 Professional Agribusiness Sales Training

Beef Cattle Artificial Insemination

AGRC:3002: Workshop: Artificial Insemination

Business Law Fundamentals

BUS 3213

Calculator Fundamentals

BUS 3881 - Calculator

Classroom Management

EDUC 5713

Curriculum Development

EDUC 5333

Differentiated Instruction


Drone Piloting and Licensure

JRMP 3722: Drone Piloting and Videography or AGRC 3002: Drone Piloting and Videography

Employment Law

BUS 3881 – Employment Law

Essentials of Cost/Managerial Accounting

ACCT 2023

Essentials of Financial Accounting

ACCT 2013

Fraud Examination

Successful completion of micro-credentials in Essentials of Financial Accounting, Essentials of Cost/Managerial Accounting and Fraud Examination

Fundamentals of Accounting

ACCT 2013 & ACCT 2023

Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting

Successful completion of micro-credentials in Essentials of Financial Accounting, Essentials of Cost/Managerial Accounting and Government Accounting


Associated Course

Law for Entrepreneurs

Successful completion of micro-credentials in Strategies for Asset Protection, Employment Law, and Social Media Law and Ethics


EDUC 5573

Livestock Ultrasound

AGRC 3002: Repro-scan Ultrasounds Workshop

Managing Human Resources

MGMT 3513

Organizational and Workplace Communication

COMM 4673


EDUC 5073

Personal Finance

FIN 2113

Personal Selling

MKTG 3413 and MKTG 3533

Small Enterprise Management

MGMT 4033

Social Media Communication

JRMP 3633

Social Media Law and Ethics for Entrepreneurs

BUS 3881 – Social Media Law

Strategies for Asset Protection

BUS 3881 – Asset Protection

Teaching Struggling Readers

EDUC 5603

Teaching Students with Exceptionalities

SPED 5203

Technical Writing

ENGL 2333

Basic Professional Communication

ENGL 1113, ENGL 1213, and COMM 1113


  • Complete your admission application at CU: Apply Here.
    • Note: When asked, select “non-degree seeking” as your academic program. Admission documents (such as transcript) may be required for some micro-credential courses.
  • After receiving verification of acceptance to CU, contact the Academic Advising Center ( or 580-581-6741) to enroll in the CU course(s)/workshop(s) which is associated with the micro-credential.
  • Check with the course instructor to see if a scholarship is available. 
  • Complete the course(s), meeting the grade requirement for the credential.
  • Learn more about available micro-credentials at  

Micro-credentials will be awarded the day after grades are due. To access your micro-credential, you will need to create a Credly account. Issues related to the awarding your digital badge, please complete the following web form. 

Managing your Digital Badge

Credly hosts Cameron University’s digital badges. After successfully completing the certifications, you can share your digital badge on your social media, resumes, emails signatures, and/or digital portfolios. For more information about how to accept, manage, and share your micro-credential, check out these steps:

Micro-credential Issue Request Form

This form will allow students who have any problems with their micro-credentials to have a place to submit their questions/concerns.