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Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by a board of directors composed principally of civic leaders of the region. Foundation executive officers are elected by the board and are charged with execution of all contracts, agreements, deeds, bonds, mortgages and other obligations in the name of the corporation. Operations of the Foundation are guided by procedures and by-laws approved by the board of directors.

The Cameron University Foundation Board of Directors is the governing body of the Foundation, elected by the members of the Cameron University Foundation, Inc.

Once elected, the Board of Directors nominates individuals for the five person Executive Council. Those members serve on the Executive Council for one year.

All elections are conducted in the November Board of Directors Meeting.

The Officers of the Foundation Board of Directors are elected for two-year terms.

Cameron University Foundation Executive Council 2020-2021

  • Rhonda Clemmer, President
  • Barbara Braught, Vice President
  • George Bridges, Vice President - Elect
  • Jennifer Meason, Secretary
  • David Madigan, Treasurer

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Mark Ashton
  • Mr. Barry Beauchamp
  • Mrs. Barbara Braught
  • Dr. George Bridges
  • Mrs. Karen Burgess
  • Mrs. Rhonda Clemmer
  • Mr. Brad Cooksey
  • Mr. Noah Cornish
  • Mrs. Zoe DuRant
  • Mrs. Cindy Firman
  • Mr. Don Gaskins
  • Mr. Randy Gilliland
  • Ms. Pat Hollis
  • Mrs. Sandra Holsinger
  • Mr. David Isham
  • Mr. Howard Johnson
  • Mr. Paul Korhonen
  • Mr. David Madigan
  • Mr. Chase Massie
  • Ms. Amber Moser
  • Ms. Jennifer Meason
  • Mrs. Kim Patrick
  • Mr. George Porter
  • Mrs. Bridget Randle
  • Mr. Nate Slate
  • Mrs. LaDonna Smith
  • Mr. John Veal
  • Mrs. Lisa Wade
  • Mr. Carter Waid