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Schools and Departments

At Cameron, we value student learning as our top priority and use the right mix of teaching, research, scholarship, service, and mentoring to prepare students academically and professionally. With more than 45 programs leading to associate, baccalaureate, or master’s degrees, Cameron is preparing its students for bright, productive futures that combine academics with the proper tools to become responsible citizens, continue life-long learning, and make meaningful contributions to the region, state, nation, and world. The university’s diverse, dedicated faculty bring out the best in students enrolled in our academic schools and departments. For more information about our schools and departments, please explore the links below.


Department of Agriculture, Biology, and Health Sciences
Department of Art, Music, and Theatre Arts
Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering
Department of Communication, English, and Foreign Languages
Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Department of Military Science

School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Department of Business
Department of Education
Department of Psychology
Department of Sports and Exercise Science
Department of Social Sciences

Office of Teaching and Learning