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School of Arts and Sciences

School of

Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences offers degree programs in Art, Music and Theatre Arts, Agriculture, Biology and Health Sciences, Communication, English and Foreign Languages, Chemistry Physics and Engineering, Mathematics, and Military Science.

Our faculty members believe strongly in creating student-centered learning environments and engaging students in exploration and discovery. We engage students in undergraduate research, internships, and special programs which extend beyond the traditional classroom. We take pride in being innovative and creative teachers and scholars in guiding and mentoring students to the highest possible standards of academic achievement. We prepare students for a lifetime of learning and contributing in professional and cultural life. We have within our school several state-of-the-art facilities with particularly well equipped labs in the Sciences, including our Gross Anatomy lab, and the new broadcast and newsroom facilities in the Academic Commons.

Each year we present a broad array of University events such as theatre productions, art exhibits concerts, public lectures, readings, film showings and other events to which we invite the campus community and the public. Faculty in the School are also advisors for a wide range of student organizations. We feel strongly that important aspects of a university education take place outside the classroom. We urge all students to be full participants in campus life and to take advantage of the activities and organizations available on our campus.

Please contact any of the departments in the School of Arts and Sciences for additional information regarding our degree programs. We wish you every success and are here to guide and to help as you pursue your education