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Continuation of

VA Benefits

The following is a variety of items that can specifically affect the smooth continuation of your VA benefits, and helpful hints of how to avoid payment problems & delays.

  • Keep the CU-VA notified of any changes in your name, address, or telephone numbers. VA Form 20-572 Change of Address Form (pdf)

  • A change in your class schedule may affect your VA benefits. Frequent changes often can cause a student to have an overpayment of benefits. Frequent changes of schedule may also delay your certification process, especially if non-required courses for your approved VA Educational Objective are taken. VA will only issue benefits for courses that are required for your approved VA Educational Objective.

  • If you decide to change your major, notify CU-VA immediately. Also, if your degree requires a minor and you decide to change it please notify CU-VA immediately. Double majors & Double minors require special attention & advise on an individual basis. Contact the CU-VA to see if your desired objective is able to be approved. Contact the CU-VA with the specific combination you desire to pursue and we will advise you on an individual basis.

  • Early Enrollment is strongly encouraged if you are using VA benefits. This will enable our office to send your claim to the VA Regional Office so you can receive your benefits faster. Advance Pay Requests for NEW students, and students who had a break in attendance (this includes an 8 week term) must turn in a schedule to the CU-VA Office by the deadline set by the CU-VA Office for that particular semester. See Advance Pay Requests section for more information. 

  • If you wait until the first week of a term or semester to submit a schedule, please understand this is a peak work time for our office (and for the Muskogee Regional Office). We will process it as quickly as possible in the date order it was received. Normally, waiting until the first week of classes of a particular term to turn in a schedule will result in a delay in your VA benefits. This is why we strongly encourage you to utilize early enrollment even if your enrollment must be confirmed. Plan on not being reimbursed on your benefits until 8-10 weeks after submission of your schedule to the CU-VA Office, provided all the courses are required for your approved VA educational objective.

  • No action will occur for any semester until you have submitted an enrollment schedule to the CU-VA office . Enroll early and bring your class schedule to the CU-VA immediately every semester!!!

    SCHEDULES MUST BE TURNED IN TO THE CU-VA AT LEAST TEN WEEKS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF THE TERM BEING CERTIFIED TO AVOID A BREAK IN RECEIPT OF CHECKS. CU-VA cannot guarantee when you will be paid. Classes need to be paid by the due date assigned by the Business Office. Exceptions: DAV students, Advance Pay students, and students fully covered and processed in the Financial Assistance Office. If you need to make payments on your tuition, please contact the Business Office for additional information.

  • MONTHLY VERIFICATION PROCEDURES Currently, CH 30 and Chapter 1606 recipients must verify attendance on a monthly basis. You may call your verification telephonically or verify via the internet. You may call: 1-877-823-2378 and follow the instructions provided OR you may use the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (W.A.V.E.) .

  • BE CAREFUL if, in your enrollment schedule, you utilize mixtures of courses with different lengths. The university considers a full-time student DIFFERENTLY than the VA. Please check with our office if you mix different length courses to ensure you are at the pay status you wish to be.

  • Take advantage of the early enrollment period if you are a continuing student. The earlier the CU-VA receives your schedule, the less likely you are to have a break in receipt of checks.

  • The VA will not pay you to pursue two different objectives at one time. Contact CU-VA if you have questions.

  • All prior credit completed that is recorded on your official Cameron University transcript counts toward the completion of the general electives required for your Associate's, or Bachelor's degree, whether VA paid for the courses when you completed them is irrelevant.

  • If you have been certified by CU-VA and you fully withdraw, YOU WILL BE DECERTIFIED. Decertified students must bring a new copy of the enrollment schedule to CU-VA to be recertified.


  • VA will not pay to repeat any courses that were completed successfully. Letter grades of A, B, C, and D are passing. Students will not be paid to repeat a course successfully passed for academic forgiveness or reprieve purposes! Exception: Some courses require a specific minimum grade. Check the University Catalog course description.