Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Physics Labs

Physics labs meet on the first floor east wing of the Sciences Complex.

Physics I Lab

Our Physics I Lab provides the students with the opportunity to gain knowledge of the world of physics. In our Physics I Lab, the students will learn the mechanics of motion, like inertia and gravitational pull. Also, students investigate fluid dynamics and energy transfer. The students are also introduced to wave phenomena. Our Physics I Lab consists of eight lab benches and a computer for each bench for data collection and analysis.


Physics II Lab

Our Physics II Lab provides the students an opportunity to gain knowledge in the world of physics. In this area of Physics, the students will investigate wave phenomena such as the refraction and reflection of light and sound. Students are exposed to the wide world of electricity, and how magnetism impacts the world around us. Our Physics II Lab contains multiple computers for data analysis surrounding four lab benches.

Upper Division Physics Lab

Our Upper Division Physics Lab provides the students the opportunity to prepare for the workforce. This room contains the Modern Physics Lab and the Electronics Lab. In the Modern Physics lab, students attempt to repeat some of the most pivotal experimental moments in modern era. Experiments include Bragg's Law experiment, Michelson's Interferometer, Gamma Ray Spectroscopy, and Hall Effect. In this lab, there are a sufficient number of computers for data collecting and for electronics.