Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus


Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering share four full-time classrooms, one computer lab and one lecture hall. One of them is more of a seminar room. This room is mainly used for Engineering and Physics courses. Other classrooms are standard classrooms with ceiling projection and demonstration tables. They hold all types of our departmental classes. Our other two classrooms are lecture-type classrooms. These hold mainly chemistry classes such as General and Organic Chemistry.

 This is our seminar-like classroom. This room seats up to two students per table. This classroom also houses school organizational meetings due to its table-like appearance and a more professional setting.

This is our standard classroom. This room seats up to fifteen students. This room holds all types of non-laboratory related courses due to the inability to demonstrate such to the class.

*Room 201 Update- As of August of 2023, this room is now our second seminar classroom. It has three rows of three tables with conference chairs to address student comfort.*

 This classroom is our lecture-type classroom. This is one of two classrooms that are similar in size and description. These rooms fit up to twenty-five students and a demonstration panel for experimental demonstrations. These are mainly used for Chemistry courses with a laboratory tag-along course.

The Goodyear Lecture Hall is our premiere room that holds one of our classes each semester. We also share this room with biology and health sciences on the first floor, (for more information on biology and health sciences, visit under departments). This room is designed to hold up to ninety students in one class. This is also the presentation room for guest speakers and for summer camps.