Current Residents

COVID-19 2020-2021 Housing Disclaimer

2020-2021 housing availability and housing assignments will be based on

community safety measures connected to COVID-19.

Please contact the Office of Student Housing if you have any questions.


The health and safety of our campus is a responsibility that we hold collectively as the Cameron University community.

Effective August 03, 2020, properly worn masks, face coverings, or face shields are required of everyone within all university facilities and on all university properties when and where social distancing of six or more feet is not assured. Face coverings will be made available to students.
Each of us is responsible for the health of the Cameron University community and that includes our behavior on and off-campus. These are our communally held behavioral expectations at all times and in all locations outside the home:
  • Expectation 1: Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. 
  • Expectation 2: Monitor your personal health daily. Take your temperature each day before you leave home.
  • Expectation 3: If you are sick, stay home. If you contract the coronavirus or if you have significant exposure to the virus and you are a student, please notify the student coronavirus hotline at (580) 581-2676 or by email at
  • Expectation 4: Respect personal space and practice social distancing; allow six feet between others if at all possible.
  • Expectation 5: Cover your nose and mouth. We are all expected to wear a face-covering when social distancing is not possible or guaranteed. When in doubt, wear a cloth mask or other face covering. Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control website at for instructions on the wear and care of face coverings.
The most current information regarding new guidance, new requirements, the virus, and our responses may be found on Cameron University’s COVID-19 page at