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Computer Lab

Use Policy

Policy Statement

Access to modern information technology is essential to the pursuit and achievement of excellence across the Cameron University (CU) mission of instruction, research, and academic advancement. The privilege of using computing systems and software, as well as internal and external data networks, is important to all members of the CU community. The preservation of that privilege for the full community requires that each individual student, faculty member, staff member, and administrator comply with institutional and external standards for appropriate use.

Lab Use

The CU-Duncan Computer Lab (Lab) is an open lab which serves CU students, faculty, and staff. The Lab is available on a first-come, first-serve basis during hours of operation. (Approved reservations for instructor use may be made outside hours of operation.) It is important to remember that Lab computers are used by many people during the day; therefore, proper use of the equipment is extremely important.

To ensure proper use and continued availability of the Lab, all users are requested to adhere to the following:

  • Completion of the “Computer Lab Sign-In Sheet” is required before and after computer use.
  • Use of another person’s account is prohibited. (This is a direct violation of CU’s use policy.)Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the Lab.
  • For the safety of children and equipment, as well as a courtesy to other users, children are NOT allowed in the Lab.
  • Computer use is limited to TWO HOURS if others are waiting.
  • Resetting or turning off computers is prohibited. (Please ask the ITS Technician for assistance.)
  • Computer configuration modification is prohibited. (This includes adding links and shortcuts to chat programs and downloading programs to local system.)
  • Copying software to or from any computer without special permission from the ITS Technician is prohibited.
  • Saving files on a Lab hard drive is prohibited. (Files should be saved to personal data diskettes, thumb drives, etc.)
  • Printing multiple copies of the same document is prohibited. (Extra copies can be made at the public copy machine located in the Student Center.)
  • Printing personal documents, including any non class-related e-mail content and résumés, is prohibited.
  • Use of chat lines and Web sites that do not fit into the academic environment is prohibited. (Instructor's name, course number, and assignment will be required and confirmed for access to any questionable sites.)

In addition to the above items, please be aware of the following:

  • Cameron University employees have the authority to expel anyone not following Lab policies or causing a disturbance.
  • Cameron University employees are NOT responsible for any data loss, regardless of cause.
  • Cameron University employees are NOT permitted to do student homework or debug programs.