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  1. A requisition for the supplies, equipment, materials, or services needed should be entered into the Banner system through the department computer. After review for legitimacy of need, adequacy of funds, the authorized person approves the requisition in the Banner system.
  2. The purchasing agent reviews the requisition for compliance and accuracy, and verifies the adequacy of funds. If the requisition is in order, with proper approval and adequate funding, it will be processed. If the requisition is not in order, the department will be contacted for the necessary updates required.
  3. The purchasing agent will consult with the appropriate Vice President for approval of requisitions involving the purchase of furniture, unusual or questionable items, or materials. Requisitions for computer equipment will be approved by the Director of Instructional Technology Services before being processed.
  4. After the purchasing agent has determined the requisition is in order and funds are available, a purchase order will be created. The amount of purchase is encumbered to the appropriate account. A copy of the purchase order will be returned to the requesting department. The copy of the purchase order is to be forwarded to the vendor. The Business Office retains a copy for accounting procedures.
    1. NOTE: After receiving the purchase order, the respective department’s purchases will be completed by forwarding to the proper vendor. Computer purchases will be processed by the purchasing department (e-mailed to the proper vendor).
  5. After the goods or services are received by the department, and the invoice is received by the Business Office, it will be forwarded to the respective department for payment approval by the division or department director. The invoice should then be promptly returned to the Business Office. When approving invoices for payment, the date that the merchandise and/or service was received must be reflected on the invoice, along with the date the invoice for payment was approved. State law requires prompt payment of all invoices.