Business Office

Business Office

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Accounting Department

The accounting department handles accounts receivable and payable. Also includes the Audited Financial Statements for the university.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable pertains to student tuition accounts, room and board accounts, collection accounts, and ID cards.


The cashiers accept payment from students for tuition, room and board, and fees. They distribute workstudy checks, scholarships, loans, and grants.


Purchasing obtains goods or services and may include all activities from the planning steps to the preparation and processing of a requisition; is also involved in the acts of preparing specifications, evaluating bids, quotes and proposals, and awarding contracts.


Answers questions regarding faculty and staff reimbursement for travel.


Ninette Carter

Vice President for Business and Finance
Adm- Room 101
(580) 581-2226

Sarah Frederick

Assistant to the Vice President for Business and Finance
Adm- Room 102
(580) 581-2226

Sharon Gloden

Administrative Assistant III
Adm- Room 101
(580) 581-2226