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Travel Reimbursement

Individual Travel Reimbursement

Requests for Travel Reimbursements Contact - Debbie Mefford or call (580)-581-2226

All out-of-state travel, except for routine business during the day, requires prior approval of the President. A Travel Request for Leave and Reimbursement (T3) form should be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of travel. Presidential approval must be obtained before any funds are encumbered or travel begins. 

Other Travel Reimbursements

Team Travel Reimbursement

Auxiliary Accounts - beginning with 3's, 6's or 8's
Required Forms - T5 and Purchase Order (required prior to travel)
Contact - Alice Smith or call (580) 581-2824

E&G and Grant Accounts - beginning with 1's or 2's
Required Form - purchase order
Contact - Sharon Gloden or call (580) 581-2225

Foundation Travel Reimbursement

Required Forms - R12 for individual traveler and R13 for team travel
Contact - Gayla Nobert or call (580) 581-2229