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The purchasing of goods and services at Cameron University is accomplished through the initiation of purchase requests by the individual departments, utilizing their computer terminals which are connected to the Banner software system. The Banner system allows easy entry and accurate purchase requesting after a brief training program.

The Purchasing Agent, who is a part of the Business Office, processes the computer generated purchase requests and returns them as purchase orders to the various departments for dissemination to the respective vendors. Upon receipt of the purchase orders the vendors ship the requested goods or provide the services necessary to the departments.

After providing the goods or services, the vendors mail invoices to the Business Office in order to receive payment. Upon receipt of the invoices from the vendors, the Business Office forwards them to the respective departments for their approval to pay. When the properly authorized invoices are received back from the departments by the Business Office, payments are ordered from the state (E&G accounts). Auxiliary accounts are paid locally. This completes the purchasing cycle.


List of common terms associated with the purchasing process


Asking for permission from the University to purchase something; transmitted by computer through the Banner system to the Business Office.


Similar to completing an order form to purchase something from a mail-order catalog; information from the requisition is computer processed through the Banner system at the Business Office and returned to the department.


Another name for a bill; sent by the vendor to the Business Office, which in turn sends it to the department for authorization of receipt of goods or services. The department returns the approved invoice to the Business Office for payment.


Account codes are four numbers inserted between a “7” and a “0” assigned by the purchase requestor to the requisition to designate or define what is being purchased. It is a code that allows the Office of State Finance and auditors to keep tabs on what is being purchased by categories, such as office supplies, educational supplies, and computer equipment.


Organization numbers are either a five or six digit number. Each department has its exclusive organization number(s). There are Educational & General (E&G) Org numbers, Auxiliary (AUX) Org numbers, Club Org numbers, and Foundation Org numbers. The department head can explain the Organization numbers assigned to his/her individual department.


The Controller for Business and Finance is authorized to approve the person requesting to approve purchase requests for each department. Generally, the department approver is a Vice President, Department Chairman, Director, and/or Dean.


A "Request for Quotation" is required for purchases over $10,000.00, but less than $100,000.00. Specific rules apply; check with the Purchasing Agent before making a request.


A "Request for Bid" is required for purchases over $100,000.00. It is also required for "Public Improvement" purchases over $100,000.00. Specific rules apply; check with the Purchasing Agent before making a request.


"Sole Source" purchases are rare but can be processed with a properly authorized affidavit. Sometimes needed items are only available from one vendor, therefore requesting quotes or bids is of no value. You may contact the Purchasing Agent for more details. Remember, Sole Source purchases must be handled properly!


There are items that may be purchased from one of the State of Oklahoma contracts available from the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. The Purchasing Agent has copies of these contracts and can assist with purchasing needs.