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Chapter 30 Montgomery G.I. Bill® for Active Duty

The Montgomery G.I. Bill® establishes a program of education benefits for essentially three groups or categories of individuals based on their active duty service. The benefits available to each person may vary depending on their particular situation and length of active duty service.

Students wishing to use Tuition Assistance and VA for the same courses require special information. If you do NOT plan to use Tuition Assistance from the military, and plan to use ONLY your regular VA educational benefits while on active duty; then please follow the instructions listed below.

An Active Duty person wishing to apply for Chapter 30 benefits with Cameron University will need to have completed the following:

  1. Provided Official Transcripts of all prior accredited institutions of higher education attended/attending currently to the Cameron University Undergraduate Admissions Office. (This is a requirement for all students using veterans benefits, even if the Admissions Office does not need them for your admission to the university. The reason for this requirement is the Department of Veteran Affairs requires the CU-VA Office to officially report all prior credits completed at other higher educational institutions.) For additional information, visit Cameron's Undergraduate Admission's web site .

    *Graduate students would need to provide official transcripts to Cameron Graduate Admissions Office. (See Graduate Studies for more information.)

    Students must be admitted to Cameron University before the CU-VA will proceed with processing a student's paperwork for veterans benefits.

  2. Either an Application for educational benefits VA Form 22-1990 or a request for Change of Program or Place of Training, VA Form 22-1995 - completed. Students may also complete an application online . IMPORTANT: The CU-VA office is required to maintain a student file for everyone using veterans benefits. Any VA form processed through the CU-VA office will be reviewed for correctness & completeness, as well as to provide the CU-VA with basic information if a problem should arise.

Special Tips & Information for Active Duty students:

1. We encourage early enrollment for purposes of course selection, and so the CU-VA office has enough time for preparing your certification so it can be forwarded to the Muskogee VA Office to avoid longer wait times on receiving your reimbursements than as required by VA. VA pays benefits based on attendance as well as number of hours taken and course lengths.

2. MONTHLY VERIFICATION PROCEDURES Currently, CH 30 recipients must verify attendance on a monthly basis. You must do monthly verifications. You may call your verification telephonically or verify via the internet. You may call: 1-877-823-2378 and follow the instructions provided OR you may go on the internet to: and follow instructions provided. The Muskogee office will reimburse any back payment owed once your claim is processed and your verification is received.

3. Students wishing to use Tuition Assistance and VA for the same courses require special information.

When you provide your class schedule for a semester, you must inform the CU-VA if you are taking a course through the Tuition Assistance Program. Failure to notify the CU-VA of receipt of Tuition Assistance can result in an overpayment of VA educational benefits.

4. Active Duty- New GI Bill® (Chapter 30) will only pay tuition and fees ! Active Duty Chapter 30 students enrolled as half-time status or more will not receive a lump sum payment.

5. A change in your class schedule may affect your VA benefits. Frequent changes often can cause a student to have an overpayment of benefits.  Frequent changes of schedule may also delay your certification process, especially if non-required courses for your approved VA Educational Objective are taken.

6. If you will be retiring or leaving the service and continuing to utilize your veterans benefits, you will be required to provide CU Admissions with a DD 214 (Copy 2 or 4), and you will also need to provide a copy to the CU-VA office so we may provide a copy to the Federal Department of VA.

7. VA Educational Benefits are non-taxable.

For additional benefit usage information, see appropriate pages on the CU-VA Student Information in the menu.