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Introducing CHiPS

The Cameron Undergraduate Research Journal of Criminal justice, History, Political Science, & Sociology

 What is it?: CHiPS: The Cameron University Undergraduate Research Journal of Criminal Justice, History, Political Science, and Sociology. CHiPS is an annually published undergraduate research journal open to all current Cameron University undergraduates and students who have graduated within the past calendar year. The journal will publish original, scholarly pieces that, through the research process, make an identifiable contribution to the literature in their respective fields of history, political science and geography.

How do I get in contact? Email Mr. Stuart Hooper at

Who’s eligible?: All current Cameron undergraduates and students who have graduated within the past calendar year. Papers may have student co-authors but papers cannot be co-authored with faculty.

Why should I participate?: Don’t let all that hard work in your classes go to waste! If you are performing research and writing your results up, tell the world about it! It looks good on a resume and demonstrates that you are a competent writer and researcher. (Plus, seeing your work in print is pretty cool!)

Formatting: Submissions would be expected to be 4000-8000 words in length, be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font, with one-inch margins. Due to differing citation systems, history papers should be footnoted, political science papers will follow APSA citation style, and geography papers should follow Turabian style guidelines. Papers should also include a 200-word abstract on a title page which includes the title of the paper, the author’s name, author’s contact information, and class the paper was originally written for.

Who’s reviewing my research and what are the standards?: Papers will initially be reviewed by topically appropriate faculty members with students in the political science and history capstone classes also providing feedback. Papers will be assessed via the attached rubrics. Final decisions on publication will be made by appropriate faculty after receiving written feedback from the reviewers.

What is the process?           

We are currently soliciting submissions for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 issues. If you would like to enter a submission, please contact your professor or Mr. Stuart Hooper at

Current Issue

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Spring 2022 Issue

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