Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus


Services are provided to Clinic clients by the Counseling and Marriage & Family Graduate Practicum Students under the supervision of the licensed Faculty and the Clinic Director. As such, the Clinic provides help for:

  • individuals,
  • couples, and
  • families.

Children are treated within the context of families when deemed appropriate.

Group and Psychoeducational experiences such as communication skill-building, parenting issues, or relationship enhancement are occasionally available for clients.

The CPC does not provide the following services, including but not limited to:

  • current serious or long-term psychiatric disabilities,
  • domestic violence/abuse and battering,
  • suicidal concerns,
  • drug and alcohol abuse or addiction treatment,
  • Psychiatric or Medication Evaluations,
  • Custody Evaluations or Testimony for Court,
  • Psychological Assessments or Psychological Testing. 

Crisis intervention that is needed during the course of counseling is typically referred out as this is beyond the practicum students’ skills level. Clients in significant crisis at intake are usually referred elsewhere as these cases are not appropriate for this level of training. Referrals are made for specialized services as deemed appropriate.