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Degree Programs

The Department of Psychology offers coursework leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Child Studies, and a Master of Science in Behavioral Science with General Psychology, Counseling, and Marriage & Family tracks. For more information on degree programs in the Department of Psychology, please click the links in the menu bar above or on the program name below.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Psychology is the scientific study of behavior. Through courses in psychology, students will learn principles which govern human behavior. The courses offered reflect the diversity in psychology and meet the educational objectives of at least three groups of students: (1) those who seek a general survey course in the field of psychology or those who wish to study a program of psychology in depth at the undergraduate level but do not contemplate entrance into psychology as a profession, (2) those who wish to enter psychology as a profession immediately after the BS, and (3) those who plan to attend graduate school and then enter psychology as a profession.

Bachelor of Science in Family and Child studies


The Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Child Studies provides preparation for students to work with children and their families in educational, institutional and human service settings. Family and Child Studies students complete a practicum experience as part of their degree in environments that prepare them for an exciting professional future focused on the population they will be serving.  Two options are offered in the Family and Child Studies Program: Child Development or Family Studies.

Master of Science in Behavioral Sciences


The Master of Science in Behavioral Sciences (MSBS) program is designed to serve that segment of the population employed in or interested in a broad spectrum of professions in the behavioral sciences. Specific target populations are persons employed or preparing for employment in public or private organizations involved in human resources activities; persons wishing to pursue doctoral studies in the behavioral sciences or research-related careers or to gain experience in research; and persons preparing for counseling licensure in mental health professions. The goal of the MSBS program is to develop the knowledge base and professional competencies of individuals interested in professions in the behavioral sciences, and to assist in promoting the economic development of Southwest Oklahoma. Current objectives for the MSBS program are listed on the Cameron University transparency webpage.