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Master of Science in Behavioral Sciences

Tracks in Counseling, Marriage and Family, and General Psychology

a. The Master of Science in Behavioral Sciences (MSBS) program is designed to serve that segment of the population employed in or interested in a broad spectrum of professions in the behavioral sciences. Specific target populations are persons employed or preparing for employment in public or private organizations involved in human resources activities; persons wishing to pursue doctoral studies in the behavioral sciences or research-related careers or to gain experience in research; and persons preparing for counseling licensure in mental health professions. The goal of the MSBS program is to develop the knowledge base and professional competencies of individuals interested in professions in the behavioral sciences, and to assist in promoting the economic development of Southwest Oklahoma. Current objectives for the MSBS program are listed on the Cameron University transparency webpage.

Master of Science in Behavioral Sciences Admission Requirements

Students who wish to pursue the M.S. in Behavioral Sciences should follow these procedures:

1) apply and be admitted to graduate studies at Cameron University and

2) have a GPA of 3.0 or above.


View our CU Be a Therapist video to learn more about how our MSBS program can lead you to a career as a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Cameron Psychology Clinic

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