Student Wellness Center

Student Wellness Center 

Our mission is to provide services that enhance the physical and mental health of Cameron University students. The health and wellness programs offered are designed to improve the quality of campus life and to improve the student’s success in achieving their academic goals.

Services include medical care for acute conditions, mental health counseling, monthly education programs, and interactive workshops.


MyStudentBody gives students the tools to choose behaviors that help them successfully navigate the social pressures of the campus life and achieve academic success. Click on the "MyStudentBody" logo. Please sign in using 003150 as the school code.

Here you can take an alcohol screening, find out your Blood Alcohol Level, learn what to do if you or someone else has alcohol poisoning, learn about sexual assault awareness and more. If you are having difficulty controlling substance use, worried about drinking habits or not sure about how to get help for a sexual encounter that may have been assault - with this screening you can begin to identify the issues and get resources for seeking support.


Mental Health is a key part of your overall health. Brief screenings are the quickest way to determine if you or someone you care about should connect with a mental health professional - they are a checkup from your neck up. The program is completely anonymous and confidential, and immediately following the brief questionnaire you will see your results, recommendations and key resources.

A few reasons to consider taking the screening if you or someone you know:

  • have been feeling sad, down or empty (depression)
  • experiencing mood swings from very high to very low (bipolar disorder)
  • constantly worried, anxious (generalized anxiety disorder)
  • troubled by traumatic events (post traumatic stress disorder)

If you are interested in a free online screening click College Response

If it is after hours and an emergency:

  • *Campus Police: please call (580) 581-2911
  • *Comanche County Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room: 3401 W Gore Boulevard or call (580) 355-8620
  • *Taliaferro Community Mental Health Center: 602 SW 38th St or call (580) 248-5780