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internship opportunity

The Department of Chemistry, Physics and Engineering here at Cameron University is devoted to the students and their successes. In order to maximize student preparation, opportunities for students to intern for companies such as Bud’s Analytical Labs, Raytheon, Republic Paper, Altus Air Force Base, and the Goodyear Tire Company have been arranged. With such opportunities, our students will be able to reach their dreams with career-impacting experiences through such companies. Students can also investigate internship opportunities themselves using College Central Network.

Our students may be able to intern with such companies while enrolled in Special Problems courses (CHEM4491-3, PHYS4491-3, or ENGR4491-3). Students are required to work a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours per semester as an intern to earn one credit hour for their special problems course in which they are enrolled. The student must arrange for Special Problems credit prior to starting the internship by submission of the departmental application. For more information, contact Dr. Kyle Moore at (580) 581-2888 or at

For further information, please check out our Departmental Internship Handbook here.

If you are interested, please fill out our application form here.