Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Faculty Research Opportunities


We have classes called special problems that specialize in research of a scientific question of the students’ desire. These opportunities allow those students to explore these questions, with some assistance from the assigned mentor. In the following links are some of the past research opportunities that students pursued and that they determined answers through analysis of their research. Every spring, the department takes part in the annual Oklahoma Research Day. This is where students can present their research to other students from across the region.

Every semester, the chemistry department takes part in the regional American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting as well as taking part in the national ACS meeting every year. These meetings take place in a larger metropolitan area such as New Orleans in 2018 and San Diego in 2019.

Every year, the physics department takes part in the American Physical Society (APS) regional and national meetings. These national meetings also take place in a much larger metropolitan region such as Brisbane, Australia or Houston, Texas.