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It is recommended to enter text into Blackboard content editor and then format using the content editor formatting buttons.1

Changing Text to Heading in Blackboard

The default style in Blackboard content editor is "Paragraph." This style is a defined HTML style meaning normal text. Blackboard has one heading option and two subheading options. 

To Change Text to a Heading

1. Highlight the text

2. Select the desired heading from the dropdown menu in the first row that has a default display of "Paragraph."

Personalizing Heading Formatting

Once a heading or subheading style has been selected, you can use other formatting tools to change the look of the text. This will not affect the screen readers ability to distinguish the heading style and could help visual learners to better distinguish content headings. (Highlight the text before using the formatting buttons.)

Lists in Blackboard

As in all other electronic documents, items in a list should be formatted as lists. 

To Create a List from Text Entered in the Content Editor

1.Select the text you want to become a list.

2. In the first row of the formatting buttons, click either the Bullet List or the Number List button.

To Create a List While Typing Text

1. Place cursor in the content editor where you want list to begin.

2. Click either the Bullet List or the Number List button and begin typing.

3. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to move to the next item in your list.

4. To finish the list, press the enter key on keyboard twice OR press the Enter key once and click on the Bullet List or Number List button.

Different Types of Lists

Blackboard allows several predefined list formats. Click the arrow next to a list button to see the options.


Images used in blackboard content also need alternative text (alt text) in order to be accessible. Alt text can be added to an image when it is uploaded into the content editor or can be added to an existing image.

Add Alt Text During the Image Upload

1. In the Insert/Edit Image window, type the alt text description in the Image Description box.

2. Click Insert.

To Add Alt Text to an Existing Image in Blackboard

1. Edit the item containing the image (chevron menu > Edit.)

2. Right-click on the image, and select "Image" from the menu.

3. The Insert/Edit Image window will open. Type the alt text description in the Image Description box.

4. Click Insert.


Links are a major method of navigating for everyone, but especially screen reader users. If the links are embedded into meaningful text, they are much more useful.

To Create an Accessible Link in Blackboard

1. Type the link text.

2. Select the link text.

3. Click the Insert/Edit Link button (middle row of formatting buttons.)

4. Enter the full URL in the Link Path box.

5. Change the Target drop-down menu to "Open in New Window (_blank.)"

6. Click Insert.

1 "Making Blackboard Content Accessible," Accessible Course Materials. Tulsa Community College, 2014. 27 April 2015.