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What Psychology degrees are offered at Cameron?

At Cameron, we offer both Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Our degrees are as follows:

Bachelor's Degree: Bachelor of Science in Psychology (B.S.)

Master's Degree: Master of Science in Behavior Science (M.S.B.S.)

  • General Psychology track
  • Counseling track
  • Marriage and Family track

What Psychology courses are offered at Cameron?

You can access the course catalog here.

Can I minor in Psychology?

Yes, you can minor in Psychology. We offer an open minor, which means that any classes with a PSY prefix count toward the minor.

I am a Psychology major. What classes do I have to take?

You can find the degree plan information here.

I am trying to participate in Psychology experiments. What do I need to do?

First, you will need to retrieve your login information from your Cameron email account. Then, go to this link to sign up for experiments. After you participate, the researcher will grant you credit. At the end of the semester, your instructor will receive a list of how many credits you received.

If you are having problems accessing the system, please contact Dr. Jeff Seger, our Experimetrix System Manager, at