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This catalog provides information about the academic programs of Cameron University. It also contains information concerning admissions, academic regulations and requirements, services available to students, financial information, academic offerings, and a list of the administrative officers and faculty of the University. While every effort has been made to make this catalog as complete and accurate as possible, changes may occur at any time in requirements, deadlines, fees, curricula, and courses listed in this catalog. All such changes are effective at such time as the proper institutional authorities determine and may apply not only to prospective students but also to those who are already enrolled at the University. This catalog should not be construed as a contract between Cameron and any person. A pdf version of the most recent version of the catalog is available here.

The courses listed in a curriculum are required, but the display of a curriculum does not in any way indicate the length of time required for a student to finish degree requirements. Rather, this display is intended as a guide to indicate the preferred order for completion of degree requirements. Exceptions to certain requirements may be petitioned through proper academic channels.

The online version of the catalog, presented on the tabs above, reflects the most recent changes to requirements, deadlines, fees, curricula, and courses. However, course descriptions may differ in some instances from actual content taught in some courses, due to advancements in the discipline or decisions to change the scope of the course. Thus, the descriptions that follow are not provided in the nature of a contractual obligation. Consequently, students should consult the appropriate advisor and refer to the class schedule for the offerings in any given academic session.

Academic Calendars

Cameron University’s academic calendar is approved by the President or their designee and submitted annually to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE). The academic calendar shall describe any alternative schedules. Submission is due by January 1 prior to the summer semester to which the proposed calendar applies.

The uniform academic calendar for institutions in The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education consists of the fall and spring semesters and a summer session defined as follows:

   A. The summer session begins late May or early June and ends late July or early August.

   B. The fall semester begins mid- to late August or early September and ends in December.

   C. The spring semester begins in January and ends prior to the first of June.

   D. Academic terms shorter than a traditional semester or summer session, generally referred to as “intersessions,” may be conducted between semesters or between the summer session and spring and fall semesters. Block or alternative course schedules may also occur within the dates set forth for a semester or summer session.

The approved Academic Calendar is distributed to all departments and is available here.

Outcomes Assessment

Cameron University's comprehensive outcomes assessment program, mandated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, consists of entry level assessment, general education assessment, program outcomes assessment, and student satisfaction and engagement assessment. Participation by students may be required as a condition of enrollment, continued enrollment, or graduation. Current outcomes for academic programs and non-instructional units may be found on the Student Learning Outcome Statements webpage.