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Cameron University student housing available to part-time students

Starting with the Summer 2023 semester, Cameron University’s student housing facilities will be available to part-time students. Undergraduate students who lived in campus housing were previously required to be full-time students unless during their final semester. With a recent update to the policy, undergraduate students only need to be enrolled part-time to reside in the Shepler residence halls or Cameron Village apartments. Graduate students must be enrolled in three credit hours during any semester they reside on campus.

The concept was developed by the Student Housing and Residence Life team. Chris Drew, director, and his staff wanted to help accomplish two goals. First, they wanted to provide every opportunity for all students to experience residence life at Cameron. Second, they are working to increase the number of students living on campus.

“With this policy, we are able to offer in-campus housing and all the related resources to more Cameron University students,” Drew says.

For more information on Student Housing and Residence Life at Cameron, please to go https://www.cameron.edu/housing, email housing@cameron.edu or call the office at 580-581-2392 (M-F from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).



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