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Cameron adjusts tuition and fees for 2022-23 to level cost of online versus in-person classes

Cameron University will adjust its tuition and fees for the 2022-23 academic year in a move designed to simplify billing and to continue toward a single rate for all course delivery methods.

Last year, CU eliminated interactive television and Zoom course fees and reduced online fees by $10 per credit hour. This year, Cameron is further reducing online fees by $20 per credit hour and reducing mandatory fees by $1 per credit hour while increasing tuition by $9.50 per credit hour. The tuition increase will be the first change in five years. The overall result is that all students will pay very close to the same cost whether in a classroom, interacting in a live session through a computer connection, or pursuing online courses on their own schedule.

“We want our students to select course formats based on how they learn most effectively, rather than due to course cost,” said Cameron president John McArthur. “The action taken today simplifies our billing process to make it more transparent and easier to understand for all students while reducing the cost difference in types of instruction.”

Despite the adjustment in tuition, Cameron’s rates remain among the lowest for undergraduate and graduate instruction at Oklahoma universities.

The tuition change was approved today by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. It had been previously recommended by CU’s governing board, the Board of Regents for the University of Oklahoma, Cameron University and Rogers State University.

Along with the proposed tuition rates, Cameron’s governing board also approved the university’s operating budget for 2022-23. Overall, university expenditures will increase slightly from FY 2022. The change is due primarily to an increase in mandatory costs. Three-fourths of the operating budget is earmarked for student instruction, academic support, student scholarships and tuition waivers, and student services during the upcoming academic year.

Tuition rates for 2022-2023 will be:

• Undergraduate tuition: $167.50/credit hour for Oklahoma residents; additional $314/credit hour for non-residents

• Undergraduate guaranteed tuition: $192/credit hour for Oklahoma residents

• Graduate tuition: $209/credit hour for Oklahoma residents; additional $373/credit hour for non-residents

• MBA/MSOL online tuition: $331/credit hour for Oklahoma residents; additional $105/credit hour for non-residents

• Mandatory fees: $56/credit hour.

The FY23 budget reflects Cameron’s continuing commitment to increasing and improving student success and student learning inside and outside the classroom while continuing to be an engaged partner with common and career technology education, business, industry, civic and government organizations.

Cameron’s administrative expenses are budgeted at 10.2 percent of all expenses, well below the administrative cost guideline of 13 percent for regional universities. CU continues its commitment to maximizing the portion of the budget allocated to instruction, academic support, student services, student scholarships and waivers while minimizing the portion of the budget used by administrative departments.

The budget supports initiatives that are aligned with Cameron’s core values and goals in its five-year strategic plan. Actions and initiatives to advance those goals include expanding operations in the Student Enrichment Center to provide supplemental advising, financial literacy counseling, career mentoring and internship placement; consolidating or centralizing open tutoring labs on the Lawton campus and increasing student financial support. Additional initiatives include developing and implementing a student experiential portfolio to record service, awards, and work experiences to complement the academic transcript as a reference tool for prospective employers.



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