Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus

Preparing For Class


It is recommended that a student spend at least 2-3 hours of study time for every one hour spent in class.

Since most freshmen take 12-15 hours, the amount of time spent in outside study will be between 24-36 hours per week.

As a comparison, we encourage students to think of their course load and study time as a full-time job. This gives them a perspective of the amount of time they need to invest in their studies.

Difficulty with a class

Students should visit with their instructor after classes begin and anytime they experience difficulty with a course. Many new students are reluctant to seek help because they are intimidated or because they have never needed assistance with academics before. However, it is crucial that they do so. Cameron’s faculty welcomes the opportunity to help each student succeed. Encourage your student to visit with their instructor for advice on a regular basis.

Academic Assistance

In addition to faculty, Cameron has many supportive services designed to help students who are experiencing difficulty or who may just need help with an assignment. Each new freshman receives a plan of study that lists resources and contact numbers. Cameron offers tutoring, labs, and the Writing Center to provide the needed academic support. In addition, there are special topic workshops offered each semester.

Workshops deal with topics such as:

  • study skills
  • writing
  • computer skills
  • money management
  • graphing calculators
  • time management


The Office of Student Development provides assistance to students with special needs. Students who need assistance should contact this office at least four weeks before classes begin.

The Office of Student Development is located in North Shepler, Room 314 and can be reached by phone at (580) 581-2209.