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Choosing a Major

Choosing a major that will lead to a career is often a very difficult task, and the best advice for your student is to be patient. It may take one or two semesters, sometimes longer, before a student feels comfortable with deciding on a major or making career decisions, and that is actually a good thing. A university education is, after all, a process of discovery, and you want your student to take the time to find a major that suits their talents and inspires them to excel.

However, there are resources to help your student decide on a major. Some suggestions include:

  • Visiting the Student Enrichment Center's Workforce Readiness section early in their college career. The office has many resources to guide them in making choices that match their personal interests and career goals. 
  • Talking with faculty in their field of interest. Faculty, too, are very instrumental in guiding students to make good career decisions. 
  • Use MyMajors to get on the right track. This 15-minute assessment will help your student discover which major matches their values, interests, and skills.