Cameron Students posing for a picture on Campus


Academic Advisement

Every student should see their advisor at least once each semester, and more often if they are experiencing difficulty. Advisors are very knowledgeable about the sequence of courses and additional requirements for graduation. Advisors are also critical in guiding each student to accept responsibility for their personal growth. Students are generally placed with faculty or staff advisors in their major, and undecided students are placed with special freshman advisors. If your student does not know who their advisor is, they should contact the Office of Admissions.

Honors Students

The Honors Program offers a variety of general education courses that are open to students with high levels of talent, preparation, and motivation. Honors courses are designated as such on the student’s transcript. The courses are small and are often augmented by field trips, guest lectures, technological enhancements, and team teaching. Honors students are encouraged to participate in high quality undergraduate research as well as honors capstone projects. In addition to the Honors Program, Cameron sponsors over 20 nationally and internationally recognized honor and professional societies.

Earning college credit through testing

Students may earn credit for courses by taking the CLEP exam. They should contact the Testing Center for information.

The Testing Center is located in North Shepler, Room 532 or call at (580) 581-2502.

Course Load

A normal load for a new freshman is 12-15 hours, and when constructing a schedule there are many factors to consider. Is the student working full-time? Are they involved in many outside activities? Do they have an active social life? The student’s academic advisor is the best person to assist them to make appropriate decisions regarding course loads that align with the student’s needs, their work, family, and social schedule.

Changing, adding or dropping classes prior to the deadline

Changing or adding classes is allowed during the first two weeks of each semester with no grade record.

Dropping a course or withdrawing from the university after the deadline

The Academic Calendar is posted every semester on the Cameron website, in the Student Handbook, and in the Schedule of Classes. The Academic Calendar lists important dates to consider when dropping a course or withdrawing from all classes. During the first two weeks of each semester a student may drop with no grade recorded and a refund of tuition and fees. However, after two weeks students are responsible for tuition and fees, and a grade of W will be posted on their transcript. No withdrawals are allowed in the final two weeks of a regular semester. Have your student check with their advisor, and be aware of important deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar prior to dropping a class or withdrawing from college.

Withdrawals MUST be completed in the Registrar’s office in North Shepler, Room 201.

Non-attendance after enrolling

If a student enrolls in a course, the university holds a place for them. However, if the student does not attend class their enrollment will remain active and they will be responsible for tuition and fees unless they drop their classes. Remember: Non-attendance does not result in an automatic withdrawal from classes.