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Faculty Support Information

Cameron University is committed to supporting faculty in the design and development of high quality, interactive, and engaging online and hybrid courses. All faculty assigned to teach online or hybrid courses must pass a "Faculty Technology & Design Resources" course which is located in each faculty member's Blackboard account.  If you need assistance, please contact Lisa Restivo at 580.581.5498

Please revisit the Certification course often.  It is not designed to provide information merely for certification purposes, but is updated regularly, and serves as a valuable resource center.  Below are some examples of the resources available in the course:

ITV course change requests:

Requests can be made to add additional ITV site locations to an existing ITV course.  Based on room space availability, it is also possible to move and change a face-to-face course to an ITV course.  Please fill out the ITV request form located under ITV courses.