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Completion Rate (Pace)

Pace (quantitative standard)

Students must meet a quantitative standard of academic progress measured by the percentage of hours successfully completed against the total number of hours attempted. Students must successfully complete 67% of all credit hours the student has attempted. Hours transferred to CU by the student are considered in the Pace calculation.

Repeat courses, remedial (zero level) courses and courses for which a student has received “academic forgiveness” are counted in measuring satisfactory academic progress.

Grades of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “S”, “P”, “RA”, “RB”, “RC” will count as successfully completed courses. Grades of “F”, “RD”, “RF”, “AW”, “U”, “NP”, “NR”, “I”, “W”, and “X” will be included in the total credit hours attempted but are not counted as successfully completed credit hours. Audited classes are not eligible for financial assistance; therefore, audited hours do not count as hours attempted.

Students denied federal aid because their percentage of courses completed drops below 67% may submit a Financial Assistance Appeal Form with the required documentation explaining the circumstances for not meeting the minimum percentage of completed courses.