The Office of Financial Assistance begins disbursing after the drop and add period has concluded for each term. If at that time, you are enrolled in classes and your FAFSA process is complete we will disburse your aid electronically to your account.  The CU Business Office will apply your aid to all outstanding charges you have incurred to date such as tuition, fees, books, housing and meals. 


Refunds are processed through the Business Office. If Cameron owes you a refund after your aid has been applied to your charges, you will be refunded by BankMobile disbursements to your selected refund preference.

Students will be mailed a Refund Selection Kit in a green envelope from BankMobile. This kit will include a personal code that students will use to select their refund preference. If the student selects the BankMobile account as their refund preference, then BankMobile will send them an AggieOne card.

Once your refund is available to you (approximately 24 hours after disbursement) BankMobile will notify you by email or text message, depending on the Refund Preference selected.

If you have not yet received or otherwise misplaced your Refund Selection kit, you may contact ONESTOP to request a personal code sent to your Cameron Email. To find additional information regarding the Refund Selection Kit please contact www.vibeaccount.com. To Replace a lost card.... this can stay the same. 

Private or Third-Party Scholarships are also refunded to you through your selected Refund Preference.  The Office of Financial Assistance will disburse funds to your account after the Cameron Cashiers Office receives the funds from the scholarship source. 

For more information on the refund process, please visit http://bankmobiledisbursements.com/how-it-works/ .

To view our institution's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here .

Disbursement FAQ's

Please read the following information carefully and contact the Office of Financial Assistance with additional questions.

Q:  Will I receive my financial aid refund before the first day of class like before? A:  No.  Cameron University will disburse financial aid after classes begin each semester.

Q:  When will the first disbursement of financial aid be applied to my account? A:  Cameron University will process the first disbursement of financial aid after the last date to drop with a refund(based on your enrollment at that time).

Q:  When will I receive a refund? A:  After your financial aid is applied to your account, any credit balance will then be processed through the system.  Please review the Disbursement Schedule located under the MY INFO tab of your Aggie Access.

Q:  What might delay my refund? A:  If a student has not completed the financial aid application process, the disbursement process and refund will be delayed until requirements are met.  Please see AggieAccess for outstanding items.  Also, if a student is a first-time loan borrower and they have less than 30 credit hours, the first loan disbursement will be delayed until 30 days after the first day of class. This is a federal requirement.

Q:  If I miss the initial disbursement/refund date, how frequently will Cameron run the disbursement process? A:  Cameron University will run the disbursement and refund process weekly.

Q:  What if I do not have money to purchase my books and course supplies? A:  Cameron University will set up a charge account in the bookstore so all students can obtain the necessary course materials before the first day of class.

Q:  Can I increase the charge account if necessary? A:  Yes.  If the cost of your books and supplies are larger than your limit, we will adjust the charge account to guarantee you can purchase your books and supplies (Please note: students may not charge items such as apparel, trinkets, etc. using the charge account).

Q:  Can I use the charge account somewhere other than the campus Bookstore? A:   No.  A charge account is only available at the Cameron University Bookstore.