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Financial Assistance - Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require that schools monitor the academic progress of each applicant for financial assistance and that the school certify that the applicant is making satisfactory academic progress towards earning his/her degree or certificate. It is the student’s responsibility to stay informed of the university’s SAP standards and to monitor his/her progress.

Financial aid recipients must maintain satisfactory progress in all three areas listed below. For an explanation of each requirement, please click the links.

  1. Progress to degree completion within a maximum time limit
  2. Grade Point Average
  3. Progress to degree completion - hours attempted compared to hours earned

Students must meet all three requirements to maintain eligibility for federal financial aid.  For SAP purposes, the Office of Financial Assistance will review a student’s progress after every spring semester. Students who are not meeting one or more of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards are not eligible for financial aid for the next academic year. Eligibility may be regained by resolving all deficiencies (except the Maximum Time Limit).