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Undergraduate Programs

Early Childhood and Elementary Education

EDUC 4935 Clinical Experience in Teaching I and EDUC 4945 Clinical Experience in Teaching II

Education preparation program majors engage in full-time clinical/student teaching experiences with particular emphasis on the learner and learning context, content knowledge, and instructional practice under the supervision and guidance of a mentor teacher and university supervisor. A professional education seminar is included. Clinical Practice 5 hours. Prerequisite: Admission to professional semester.

Graduate Programs

Master of Science in Educational Leadership

EDUC 5203 Internship in School Administration (I & II)

A course designed to provide opportunities for the development of school administrator skills and competencies needed to provide leadership and direction to carry out a school system’s purposes, programs, policies, procedures, regulations and agreements as they relate to the operation of a school or school district. Internship 3 hours. Prerequisites: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in EDUC 5203 AND completion of one of the following: EDUC 5213, EDUC 5223, EDUC 5233, EDUC 5243, EDUC 5253, EDUC 5263, or EDUC 5303.

Master of Education in Education

Literacy Concentration
EDUC 5743 Practicum in Literacy

This course includes teaching literacy in a P-12 classroom for a minimum of 30 hours. Students are required to receive individualized supervision of their instruction and reflect on their experiences to improve their practice. Prerequisites: EDUC 5603 and EDUC 5773.

Special Education Concentration
SPED 5623 Practicum: Mild-Moderate Disabilities

Observation and participation in educational settings which serve children and youth with mild to moderate disabilities. In addition to the application of learned competencies, graduate students will review current research related to the instruction of students with mild/moderate disabilities as a basis for comparing practicum experiences with best practices. Prerequisite: SPED 5413 or concurrent enrollment. May be repeated for a total of three semester hours.

Teaching and Learning Concentration
Option A: Internship in EDUC 5766 Elementary and EDUC 5746 Middle/Junior High, or EDUC 5756 Senior High School

Students observe, participate, and teach in elementary, middle/junior or senior high school classrooms under the supervision and guidance of a public school mentor and university supervisor. Student must be admitted to the M.Ed. program and pass the Oklahoma Subject Area Test (OSAT) in the area in which he/she will complete the internship. Prerequisites: EDUC 5713 and EDUC 5073.

Option B: EDUC 5703 Practicum in Teaching & Learning I and EDUC 5753 Practicum in Teaching & Learning II

This course includes teaching in an approved classroom setting for a minimum of 30 hours with a focus on reflection from the field experience. Prerequisite: EDUC 5703 and EDUC 5713.

Master of Education in Reading

EDUC 5653 Practicum in Reading I and EDUC 5683 Practicum in Reading II

Candidates work with elementary school students in a supervised setting to assess reading abilities, to plan appropriate strategies which improve assessed abilities, and to implement those strategies in a classroom/clinical setting. The course includes an online discussion board in which information, insights, strategies, and concerns are addressed. Practicum 3 hours. Prerequisites: EDUC 5603, EDUC 5643, and EDUC 5693.


Lawton/ Ft. Sill, Duncan, Elgin, Cache, Walters, Comanche, Altus, Claremore, and Bartlesville.


The handbooks provide insight into the requirements for each of the internship experiences. Throughout the program, courses embed internships to provide students with diverse field experiences to readily prepare any future teacher for working in schools. Internships experiences range from 10 hour placements through full-time teaching semester experiences.

Graduate Handbook 2022-2023

Education Undergraduate Handbook 2022-2023

Student Teaching Handbook 2022-2023


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