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Jennifer Dennis, Dean Profile Image

Jennifer Dennis, Dean

Dean and Professor
Ross Hall - Room 117A

Ph.D. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, Education Administration Curriculum and Supervision, May, 2005

Ramona Hall Profile Image

Ramona Hall

Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1078G

Ed.D. – Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN, Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Education), December, 2002

Dr. Courtney Glazer Profile Image

Dr. Courtney Glazer

Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1056

Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from The University of Texas at Austin, 2003

Associate Professors

Dr. Holly Rice Profile Image

Dr. Holly Rice

Associate Professor
Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1078H

Ph.D. Educational Psychology, Special Education, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, 2011

Dr. Lynda Robinson Profile Image

Dr. Lynda Robinson

Associate Professor
Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1059

Ph.D. in Child Language and Literacy Development , 1990

Dr. Michelle Smith Profile Image

Dr. Michelle Smith

Associate Professor
Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1078C

Ed. D.,Oklahoma State University-1999 Curriculum and Instruction (Mathematics Education Emphasis)

Dr. Eileen Richardson Profile Image

Dr. Eileen Richardson

Associate Professor
Preparatory Hall 204 - Rogers State University

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Management, Capella University, 2014

Assistant Professors

Dr. Stacie Garrett Profile Image

Dr. Stacie Garrett

Assistant Professor
Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1078

Ed.D in Teaching and Learning from Northcentral University (2017)

Dr. Emily Finney-Miller Profile Image

Dr. Emily Finney-Miller

Assistant Professor
Nance-Boyer Hall, Room 1078F

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Oklahoma State University, 2019

Dr. Stephanie Boss Profile Image

Dr. Stephanie Boss

Interim Chair
South Shepler 318

Doctorate of Education, 2015, Walden University – Minneapolis, MN.


Jami Huck Profile Image

Jami Huck

Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1078C

M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction with minor in Literacy from the University of Texas, Arlington, 2013

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Sharon Brady

Ph.D. in Psychology, Texas Women's University

Ms. Lynn Fitz

M.Ed. General Administration, University of Oklahoma

Dr. James K. Hawkins

Ph.D. in School Administration, Mississippi State University

Dr. Dana Hilbert

Ed.D. in Educational Administration, Supervision and Curriculum from the University of Oklahoma

Ms. M. April Johnson

M.Ed. Reading Specialist, Cameron University, Lawton, OK

Mrs. Traci Newell

M.Ed. Education Administration, Southwestern Oklahoma State

Dr. Tammie Reynolds

Ph.D. Education Administration Curriculum Supervision University of Oklahoma

Dr. Stephanie White

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Oklahoma

Dr. Jan Thomas

Ed.D. Education Administration Curriculum and Supervision, University of Oklahoma

Administrative Staff

Jayne McLoughlin Profile Image

Jayne McLoughlin

Advisement Specialist
Preparatory Hall 204 - Rogers State University
Jackie Herbert Profile Image

Jackie Herbert

Field Experiences Specialist
Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1078
Ramona Mott Profile Image

Ramona Mott

Teacher Certification Specialist
Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1012

Laura Murphy

Advisement Specialist/School of Graduate & Professional Studies
North Shepler 113

Support Staff 

Tiffany Hamilton Profile Image

Tiffany Hamilton

Department Secretary
Nance-Boyer Hall - Room 1078