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Associate in Science in Business

No matter the field, the product, or the size of the company, managing people in a business setting requires perceptiveness, motivation, and training. If you’re intrigued by the notion of moving into managerial levels in the business world, the Associate in Science in Business is a natural place to get started. Designed to prepare you for entry-level management positions, the coursework is focused on your success; degree completion provides a transition path to a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration.


Bookkeeper, Sales Manager, Office Manager, Medical/Health Services Manager, Banker, Employee/Sales Support Specialist, Customer Service Manager, Payroll Specialist

Salaries for Professionals

Information based on
Bureau of Labor Statistics

$42,410 - $63,490

Job Outlook

Information based on
Bureau of Labor Statistics

6% -10%
expected rate of growth

CU Business Grads work for some of these employers

Cotton Electric, Arvest Bank, BancFirst Lawton, EZ Go, Liberty Tax, City National Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union