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Associate in Applied Science in Radiologic Technology


Cameron University’s Radiologic Technology Program’s mission is to prepare a wide-ranging and vibrant student population; access to exemplary educational opportunities, for professional success in the radiologic sciences, by fostering resourceful classroom teaching with realistic learning, developing competitive workforce knowledge, effective leadership, and life-long learning; that will lead to a meaningful contribution in the rapidly changing health care environment.


Radiologic Technologists (Radiographer) work under the supervision of physicians, who are primarily Radiologists, operating radiologic equipment to produce radiographs of the body for diagnostic purposes. Various duties of student will include moving the radiology equipment into the specified positions and with proper training, adjusting equipment control to set exposure techniques and factors based on cognitive and psychomotor skills obtained. Students will also gain limited knowledge and skills in specialty areas such as computed tomography, bone densitometry, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, special procedures, ultrasound, and radiation oncology.

Graduates of the Radiologic Technology Program at Cameron University who desire to continue their education at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, should contact at the College of Allied Health at OU concerning the transfer of course work and additional requirements for each program. A BS degree in Radiologic Technology is also offered online to one-year ARRT certified professionals. Please call (405) 271-6588 for additional information. 

Carl Perkins grant funds have been used for the purchase of instructional materials, equipment, and resources for our Radiologic Technology Program.


This career major prepares students to sit for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) National Certification in Radiography.

Accredited by Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT)

JRCERT Program Standards

Accreditation Status/Award

Current Accreditation Status - JRCERT Accredited for Full 8 Years

Next JRCERT Program Review - 1/1/2027

  • Last JRCERT Program Review - 2/2019
  • Award - 8 Years
  • Previous JRCERT Program Reviews:
  • 9/2009 - Award: 8 Years
  • 4/21/2006 - Award: 8 Years
  • 10/19/2001 - Award: 8 Years
  • 6/14/1996 - Award: 5 Years
  • 9/14/1991 - Award: 5 Years
  • 8/19/1988 - Award: 3 Years





The initial determination of course transferability is based on the accreditation status of the transferring institution and the comparability of coursework for the AAS in Radiologic Technology. Course equivalencies are subject to change without advanced notice.