Bachelor of Science in Biology

There are three areas of concentration within the biology program. Cell and molecular biology concentration provides introduction to exciting areas of modern biology and their importance in many facets of biological and biomedical research. This concentration is also recommended for those students interested in attending a professional school upon completion of their bachelors program to become physicians, or those interested in research careers in biomedical sciences. Organismal biology concentration focuses on animal and plant biology. These field-oriented areas are also for individuals interested in wildlife management, ecology, the environment, and related fields. Medical laboratory science concentration prepares students for work in hospital laboratories (clinical chemistry, microbiology, blood banking, immunology, etc.) All areas of concentration prepare students for entry into master and doctoral graduate programs throughout the country.

Biology is also an appropriate major for those interested in allied health areas such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant programs, etc. While these programs must be pursued elsewhere, Cameron University can provide the prerequisite course work.

Degree Information

Position Statement on Evolution

Evolution is the generation to generation change in the frequency of alleles in the gene pool and the division of populations into lineages. That this occurs is a fact. Evidence for the modes and tempos of evolution coming from laboratory genetics, population genetics, natural history, systematics, and paleontology, is so overwhelming that no scientific discipline refutes evolution. Understanding this concept is crucial to understanding all disciplines of biology including but not limited to ecology and evolutionary biology, cellular and molecular biology, and medicine. Therefore, the Biological Sciences program integrates evolution into all of its courses and does not teach non-scientific concepts based on mythology or literature.