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Learn about the countless career paths that a degree in history or political science leads to during Cameron University’s CU in History and Political Science virtual presentation

Interested in pursuing a degree in history or political science, but not sure either will land you in a desirable career field? Cameron University’s “CU in History and Political Science” will inform you about the countless career opportunities where these degree programs can lead. The virtual workshop is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 27. To register and receive a secure link, to the Zoom presentation, go to https://www.cameron.edu/social-sciences/events

Faculty members from CU’s history and political science degree programs will join students majoring in either discipline for an interactive exploration of what it means to be a historian or political scientist and the many career advantages associated with expertise in these fields.

“Too many people associate history and political science exclusively with teaching or government service,” says Dr. Lance Janda, Chair of the Department of Social Sciences. “While knowledge of these disciplines provides great preparation for those careers, they are also foundational disciplines that teach students to read and write more effectively and to think critically. Those skills allow graduates to pursue virtually any career.”

Cameron graduates in history and political science have gone on to law school, founded their own businesses, served in the armed forces and law enforcement, become consultants, and attended graduate school, in addition to entering a wide array of other career fields.

“We like to say our degrees will help explain how and why the world got to be the way it is,” says Janda, “These degree programs produce well-rounded citizens that understand how the government and international affairs work and are prepared to go out and make a difference in our communities and our country. Not all degree programs provide that foundation.”

Cameron’s Bachelor of Arts in History degree program includes survey courses in US, Western European, and World History, plus research and writing classes and electives from a variety of time periods and regions of the world.

Political science majors at Cameron complete broad introductory courses in political theory, American government, and international relations, then move on to research and writing courses and electives that deal with national and international systems and governments.



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