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Cameron University and CU-Duncan continue as Certified Healthy Campuses

Both campuses of Cameron University have once again been designated as a Certified Healthy Campus ―the Lawton campus for the 10th consecutive year and CU-Duncan for the seventh year in a row. Both designations are at the “excellence” level, the highest level in the program. The designation is awarded by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) in conjunction with the Oklahoma Academy, The State Chamber of Oklahoma, and the Oklahoma Turning Point Council.

The program has 83 criteria based on the American College Health Association’s “Standards for Practice for Health Promotion in Higher Education” as well as the American College Health Association’s Healthy Campus 2020 initiative. Both the CU Lawton and Duncan campuses met more than 60 percent of the criteria required for Excellence designation.

Cameron University activities and policies that factor into the Certified Healthy Campus designation are numerous. They include status as a tobacco- and vaping-free campus, workplace health and nutrition education, opportunities for physical exercise activities such as intramural sports and the Aggie Rec Center, and availability of medical and mental health services to students. Additional programs include management support for healthy workplace environments and sharing wellness activities, such as the Cameron University Community Garden and the Aggie Mile walking trail, with the community.

The inclusion of health and well-being concepts as part of the core curriculum, established relationships with internal and external partners to improve existing health and well-being programs, numerous volunteer opportunities for members of the campus community, multicultural activities, services for veterans, and accessible indoor and outdoor spaces for those with disabilities, are just a few of the other criteria that Cameron meets.



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