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Cadets in Cameron University’s Comanche Battalion designated Distinguished Military Graduates

Three Cameron University students have been recognized as Distinguished Military Graduates (DMG) by the U.S. Army Cadet Command. DMGs are commissioning cadets who finish in the top 20 percent of Army graduates on the national Order of Merit List by achieving superior grade-point averages, strong performance in the Army Combat Fitness Test and proving their worth as exceptional leaders in their college ROTC training. The DMG designation will remain on their Army record throughout their military career.

Cadets receiving the designation are Tyiesha A. Carroll, Lawton, who will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in interdisciplinary studies; Samuel N. Harris, Lawton, who will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in sports and exercise science; and Juan R. Reyes, Cache, who will graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice and a minor in military science.

“Earning designation as a DMG is a testament to the exemplary performance of these cadets,” Says LTC Brian Hayes, chair, George D. Keathley Department of Military Science. “The high standards they have achieved during their tenure as college students and members of the Comanche Battalion is evidence of their dedication to academic success, leadership and the U.S. Army.”



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