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General Education Student Learning Outcomes

  • The student will access information from credible sources and use it effectively and responsibly. (Information Literacy)
  • The student will demonstrate knowledge of similarities and differences among cultures. (Cultural Diversity)
  • The student will apply critical thinking skills in order to make informed decisions and evaluations. (Critical Thinking)
  • The student will demonstrate an understanding of ethical conduct in a defined context. (Ethics)
  • The student will make informed and reasoned responses to questions of aesthetics. (Aesthetics)
  • The student will apply knowledge and logic to solve problems. (Problem Solving)
  • The student will effectively communicate in oral forms. (Communication - Oral)
  • The student will effectively communicate in written forms. (Communication - Written)
  • The student will identify wellness concepts that contribute to healthy lifestyle behaviors. (Wellness)

Assessment of General Education

Assessment of the General Education program at Cameron University follows the same process as assessment for academic and non-academic programs. Assessment data is collected each semester in general education courses and reported to the General Education Committee each year. Members of the Institutional Assessment Committee peer review the assessment measures, data, and action plans and give feedback to the general education faculty and to the members of the General Education Committee.

General Education courses requirements from undergraduate catalog.

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