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Student Internship Program


The Student Internship Program provides students with quality avenues for career exploration and valuable work experience opportunities. An internship experience provides them with first-hand knowledge of what employers expect regarding skill levels, attitudes, and work climate-all of which are necessary components for successful employment.

The internship also gives students an opportunity to creatively use their developing skills while functioning as a part of a business/non-profit team. The goal of the program is to place students with organizations that provide hands-on experiences related to their major. Those learning experiences should enable students to make informed career decisions.

Computer Science and Information Technology programs allow students to take up to 6 credit hours of Internship. Mathematics program allows a student to take up to 3 credit hours of Internship. Computer Science majors must enroll in CS 3100-6 (Computer Science Internship), Information Technology majors must enroll in IT 4001-6 (IT Internship), and Mathematics majors must enroll in MATH 4491-3 (Independent Study in Mathematics) to obtain credit for the Internship.

If you would like to earn credit for an internship experience, please follow the steps below:

  1. Carefully read the Department’s Internship Handbook.
  2. Find an internship in your area of study. You can find an internship on your own using your contacts or by contacting employers. You can also use College Central Network. Additionally, the department posts information about some internships via the Mathematics Majors and Computing and Technology Majors Blackboard courses.
  3. Find a faculty advisor to mentor the internship experience. The faculty advisor will also connect you with the department’s Internship Coordinator.
  4. Complete, sign, and provide the documentation needed to set up an internship course to the Internship Coordinator.
  5. International students must contact the office of International Student Services before seeking approval for an internship.