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Office of Public Affairs

Office of Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs is typically the first point of contact between southwest Oklahoma media and Cameron University. The office assists area newspapers, radio and television stations in their coverage of university activities. With rare exceptions, Public Affairs develops and distributes all Cameron University media releases. 

Our Mission

The Office of Public Affairs promotes public awareness of Cameron University. It answers public inquiries about university operations, academic programs and events, and encourages residents and potential students to actively consider the university as a source of adult education.

The Office of Public Affairs assists the university's educational and administrative offices in the development of promotional materials and is available to university staff in an advisory role for media and public relations information. It is involved in the staging of campus events, and also assists the alumni relations office by editing its official publication, Cameron Magazine. Public Affairs is responsible for updating information on the university's website, and it monitors and maintains content on the university’s official social medial platforms.