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Newly established Cameron University Banking Institute offers Certificate in Banking and Finance to employees of financial institutions

In an effort to create a skilled and trained workforce pipeline for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in southwest Oklahoma, Cameron University has launched the Cameron University Banking Institute (CUBI). To that end, CUBI has established a Certificate in Banking and Finance that is available to current bank/credit union employees who are seeking additional education to advance their career. The certificate program is also available to current CU students who plan to join the financial industry upon degree completion.

CUBI’s Certificate in Banking and Finance is a combination of five business courses totaling 15 credit hours that provide targeted skills and knowledge to meet a workforce need. Four of the classes – Principles of Financial Accounting, Principles of Cost/Managerial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Principles of Finance and Money and Banking – are offered online. Microeconomics is offered as a hybrid course in Fall 2023. It will meet face-to-face each Wednesday, with the balance of coursework taken and completed online. Money and Banking is offered during the spring semester; the other four courses are offered both spring and fall.

In addition to offering the Certificate in Banking and Finance, CUBI offers financial professionals numerous opportunities to participate in the program. Additional opportunities include mentorships, job shadowing, internships, and participation in financial conferences.

“CU Banking Institute has allowed the Department of Business to partner with financial institutions in southwest Oklahoma to promote economic growth and workforce development,” says Dr. Krystal Brue, chair, CU Department of Business and Assistant Dean for Outreach. “We invite banking professionals to interact with our students by visiting CU classes to discuss industry opportunities, career advancement pathways and more. Additionally, we are seeking job-shadowing, internship and/or mentoring experiences for our students interested in financial careers, giving our students greater exposure with local employers.”

Paul Ellwanger, retired executive vice president at City National Bank, serves as CUBI’s industry lead and notes how local banks and credit unions, banking employees, and CU business students benefit from the partnership between Cameron University and our local financial industries. “Our goal is to create a strong pipeline of financial professionals and educate the next generation of talent in our community,” Ellwanger says.

“As we develop the CUBI further, we want to hear from banking and finance professionals regarding the skills, abilities and knowledge they look for in employees,” says Brue. “The best way for Cameron University to meet current and future workforce needs is to respond to the input we receive from financial professionals.”

Banking employees who are interested in pursuing the Certificate in Banking and Finance can still enroll for the fall semester. Enrollment is open until August 21. Interested parties should complete the application for admission found at https://www.cameron.edu/admissions/application, selecting “Certificate in Banking and Finance” as the academic program. After receiving verification of acceptance, contact the Academic Advising Center at advisingcenter@cameron.edu or (580) 581-6741 to enroll.

Banking professionals who would like more information about the benefits of the Certificate in Banking and Finance and/or who would like to offer industry expertise can contact the CU Department of Business at (580) 581-2842 or business@cameron.edu. The department can also provide additional information regarding the course requirements or enrollment to the certificate program.



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