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Enrollment for Cameron University Summer 2020 courses to begin on March 31

Enrollment for the Summer 2020 semester at Cameron University will begin on Tuesday, March 31. A final course schedule will be available to students at noon by Monday, March 30.

The enrollment schedule for Cameron’s Summer 2020 semester opens on Tuesday, March 31, when graduate, senior, and honors program students can enroll. Enrollment for juniors will open on Wednesday, April 1, and sophomores will begin enrollment on Thursday, April 2. Freshmen will enroll on Friday, April 3. Monday, April 6, will start open enrollment for all students, including high school concurrent.

Enrollment for the Fall 2020 semester began on March 24 for graduate, senior, and honors program students with registration opening daily for other classifications. Fall 2020 enrollment will open for all students, high school concurrent included, on Monday, March 30.

Anyone interested in starting classes this summer should contact the CU Office of Admissions by calling 580-581-2289 or via email at admissions@cameron.edu.



March 24, 2020

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