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Dr. Ioannis Argyros authors second edition of mathematics textbook

Cameron University’s Dr. Ioannis Argyros, Professor of Mathematics, has updated “The Theory and Applications of Iteration Methods,” which he co-authored in 1993. The newly released second edition provides a plethora of results on research conducted at Cameron University related to the development of new algorithms used to solve problems from diverse disciplines.

Cameron students Luke McLennan, Geronimo, and Christopher Argyros, Lawton, as well as alumnus Samundra Regmi, Irving, Texas, contributed to the updated edition as part of their undergraduate research.

“The Theory and Applications of Iteration Methods, Second Edition” includes newly developed iteration methods taking advantage of the most recent technology (computers, robots, machines). It extends the applicability of well-established methods by increasing the convergence domain and offers sharper error tolerance. New proofs and ideas for handling convergence are introduced along with a new variety of story problems picked from diverse disciplines. This new edition is for researchers, practitioners, and students in engineering, economics, and computational sciences.

Argyros joined the CU faculty in 1990. He has published 29 books and more than 1,400 peer-reviewed articles on the topic of computational mathematics in addition to contributing chapters to 22 books by others. Argyros is the recipient of the 2001 Distinguished Research Award from the Southwest Oklahoma Advanced Technology Association.



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