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Cameron University to present Sixth Annual Inclusion and Leadership Summit

How do you turn a disability into a strength? When you’re Vince Morvillo, a highly successful business consultant and entrepreneur and the first blind person to win the prestigious National Ensign Sailing championship, you substitute vision for sight. Morvillo will present the keynote address at Cameron University’s sixth annual Inclusion and Leadership Summit, a one-day conference that aims to provide education and awareness about the importance of inclusion and diversity. The event, which takes place on Friday, March 27, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the McMahon Centennial Complex, is open to the public at no charge. Due to space limitations, pre-registration is required and can be completed online at https://www.cameron.edu/diversitysummit.

The conference will provide participants with the tools to be proactive stewards of social equity in their daily interactions and ever-growing workplaces. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss benefits, challenges, and biases surrounding appreciation and understanding of diversity while building inclusive environments.

Blind from birth, Morvillo learned that blindness could be a catalyst for creativity. Not being able to see as others do forced him to approach commonplace situations in a non-conventional way, literally to see things differently. Applying this way of thinking to other pursuits – replacing sight with vision – has led to extraordinary achievements in business and in his personal life.

Over a long and successful career in venture capital and as a business consultant, he has engineered several business turnarounds and helped many companies increase bottom-line performance. With no outside financial support, Morvillo personally built one of the largest yacht sales organizations on the Gulf Coast, taking it to profitability in just two years.

Reflecting on his approach, Morvillo has developed a practical, step-by-step method to help businesses and individuals redirect their way of thinking. In his presentations, he shows audiences how to see other solutions, break down the barriers and achieve success.

Passionately devoted to his sport, his community and to helping others, Morvillo was 1992's Yachtsman of the Year and received Houston's Good Skipper Award for community service. He was also named an Honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy for outstanding achievement and community service.

A long-time resident of Houston, Texas, he received his MBA from the University of Houston, graduating in the top two percent of his class.

Morvillo’s keynote address will be following by three themed tracks that will cover key inclusion and leadership topics.

“Breaking Barriers” will tackle the constant narrative of the “us versus them” experience. This track explores learning about those who are similar or different from us and how we can reach across lines to form new understanding and relationships.

“Workplace Leadership” will explore the importance of policies as they impact legislation, science, businesses and systemic inequality. Do politics and science intersect? Should organizations be responsible for keeping up-to-date with social and environmental inequities? Join this lively discussion to share your opinion.

“Communication” will spotlight the nuances of being an advocate. How do you get involved with a movement, be an ally and confront your own biases? Learn leadership qualities that make you an inclusive leader and become an active practitioner of respect and justice. Young and seasoned leaders alike are welcome.

For more information, visit www.cameron.edu/diversitysummit. The website includes instructions on registration. If you’d like to attend the keynote address, please indicate that on registration. For more information, call 580-581-2209 or email student_development@cameron.edu.



March 13, 2020

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